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PUBLIC NOTICE: Offices will be closed to the public during this COVID 19 Pandemic lockdown ordered by Michigan Governor.  If you have need for services from the clerk or treasurer, please call (231) 634-7275 for an appointment during the hours listed below. 

Office Hours: Until further notice

Monday - Thursday 10:00am - 3:00pm



Protect, preserve and maintain  the unique mix of natural ecosystems and green spaces that Bois Blanc Island possesses.  Improve the economic, environmental and social well-being for present and future generations.   Encourage and foster community involvement.  Secure the peoples' health and safety. 







Bois Blanc Township was established in 1895 and is located in the Straits of Mackinac on Bois Blanc Island where Nature is a Priority. Surrounded by Lake Huron, Bois Blanc Island or "Boblo" as it is called is the southern most part of Mackinac County.   

Information regarding Island Events visit 

The Bois Blanc Township Planning Commission is updating the Township Master Plan. We are seeking your opinions and input into the future of the Island. Please take the time to fill out the survey. We thank you for your time!                

Take the Bois Blanc Township Community Survey

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This page last updated on 12/3/2020.

P.O. Box 898 | Pointe Aux Pins, MI 49775 | 231-634-7275 | fax: 231-634-7021

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