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Brandon Schlund, Fire Chief 

Robert Hays, Assistant Chief-Operations

Dan Reynolds, Assistant Chief- Administrative

PO Box 898

Pointe aux Pins, MI  49775



Facebook Page is Bois Blanc Fire Department

dcp_0673_1.jpgThe Fire Dept. was reactivated in 1992.  

Currently, there are 6 members of the Volunteer Fire Department,  

For Burn Permit Call: 

  Russ Riker              634-7487

  Brandon Schlund    634-7098

  Rob Hayes      734-301-8070

 Dan Reynolds   231-676-9336


Outdoor Burning Ordinance

Forest Fire Law

Burning Permit Notification 7/17/2020

For Sale by Bid

     1963 Chevy Pumper

     1987 Ford Rescue Vehicle

This page last updated on 9/10/2020.

P.O. Box 898 | Pointe Aux Pins, MI 49775 | 231-634-7275 | fax: 231-634-7021

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Bois Blanc Fire Barn and Law Office [Click here to view full size picture]
Bois Blanc Fire Barn and Law Office

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