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Saturday, January 28, 2023



Download 1. Curfew for Minors

Download 2. Damaged Buildings

Download 3. Establishment of Harbor Commission

Download 3. Garbage Disposal/Accumulation

Download 4. Outdoor Burning

Download 4A. Outdoor Burning (Amended 7-24-2005)

Download 5. Parking At The Dock

Download 5A. Parking At The Dock (Amended)

Download 5A2. Amended

Download 6. Keeping of Animals in the Pines

Download 7. Designated BBI Building Official as Enforcer

Download 11. Transferring Portion of #7 to Bureau of Construction Codes

Download 12. Repeal of #7 and Transfer of Administration

Download 20. PIE&G Franchise Agreement

Download 31. Establishment of BBI Cemetary (Replaced by #48)

Download 32. Off Road Vehicles

Download 32A. Establishment of Bois Blanc Township Transportation Authority

Download 33. Repeal #32

Download 35. BBI Land Division Ordinance

Download 36. Keeping of Livestock and Domestic Animals

Download 37. Civil Infraction Ordinance

Download 37.001. Amendment to #37

Download 38. BBI Municipal Ordinance Violations Bureau

Download 39. Establishment of the Office of the Township Enforcement Officer

Download 40. Establishment of BBI Township Lot Divisions

Download 41. Home Occupation/Cottage Industry

Download 42. Blight Elimination Ordinance

Download 44. Confirmation of Planning Commission

Download 43. Street Naming Ordinance

Download 44. Establishment of Parks and Recreation

Download 45. Establishment of Parks and Recreation REVISION

Download 46. Regulation and Prohibition of Marijuana

Download 47. Flood Plain Managment

Download 48. Cemetery (Replaces #31)

Download 49. Food Truck

Download 49. Application